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Professor Aaron Quigley

Inaugural Director, HIT Lab Australia / Associate Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems


From Dec 2009 until July 2010 Aaron Quigley was the inaugural Director of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab) Australia. His research interests include surface research, human computer interaction, pervasive and ubiquitous computing and information visualisation. He has published over 100 internationally peer-reviewed publications including edited volumes, journal papers, book chapters, conference and workshop papers and holds 3 patents. You can continue to visit his blog here or follow him on twitter.

In 2010, Aaron was the Chair of the Steering Committee of the International Conference of Pervasive Computing. In addition he was the workshops co-chair for Pervasive 2010 in Helsinki Finland and served on the program committees of several leading international conferences including UbiComp 2010 and IOT 2010. In 2010 related to his research interests in surface research he was an editor for a special issue on interaction with coupled and public displays in the Springer Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. And related to his broader interest in pervasive and ubiquitous computing he was program co-chair for the 4th International Symposium on Location- and Context-Awareness (LoCA 2009) in Tokyo Japan in May 2009.

Until Dec of 2009 he was an academic staff member of the School of Computer Science & Informatics in the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory, University College Dublin, Ireland. In this role Aaron was a Co-Principal Investigator for the SFI Strategic Research Cluster Clique on Graph and Network Analysis, an IBM CAS Visiting Scientist, the UCD director of ODCSSS, the coordinator for the EU FP7 support action CAPSIL, a researcher in Lero the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre and a collaborator in CLARITY the Centre for Sensor Web Technologies. In addition he was the UCD PI for Dviz, a collaborative digital technology research project between Twelve Horses, IADT and UCD which is funded by the NDRC.

Aaron is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS), a senior member of the IEEE, a member of the ACM and recipient of National Institute of Engineers Australia award for excellence in engineering education.