Professor Paulo de Souza

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File:Professor Paulo de Souza.jpg
Professor Paulo de Souza

Professor of Sensor Informatics
B.S.(Phys.), M.Sc.(Mech. Eng.), Dr. rer. nat. (Uni-Mainz)

Phone: +61 3 6226 1864
Fax: +61 3 6324 3368
Office: Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

Old Medical Sciences Building, room 306 Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart, Tasmania


Internationally recognised and awarded researcher and research manager in fields of ICT, including field robotics, sensors informatics, sensor networks, pattern recognition, and knowledge discovery, with seventeen years of experience in industrial research; over 200 scientific publications, 2 patents and 2 books; committed to excellence in research, and BD&C of research products. Have held senior positions in CSIRO, V&M Tubes and Vale. An effective professional with strong leadership, strategic skills, proven capability in R&D, and innovation in industrial environments. Extensive hands-on experience managing large teams, complex operations and large scale projects. Deep expertise in research, development and innovation gained by leading challenging initiatives and academic pursuits. Paulo has been for more than a decade a Participating Scientist of the Mars Exploration Rovers Project (JPL/NASA/Cornell). Passionate about improving business sustainability through innovation.

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