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Students at the HIT Lab AU have been working on many different and diverse projects across many disciplines. As these projects are initiated this page will be used to record and describe the work being undertaken in each project.


DollAR (2013) - Student Intern Project

DollAR is a mobile application that allows you to interact with your Barbie doll in an exciting and intuitive way through the use of an iPad and Augmented Reality Technology.

MolyMod (2012) - UG Student Project

MolyMod is a prototype of an educational chemistry simulation application that can simulate chemistry principles and their interactions. It imitates and represents key characteristics and behaviours of real world chemistry principles. It is designed to impart critical and useful knowledge about chemistry to the user. The uniqueness of the MolyMod is its ability to allow a user to use gesture control to interact with the chemistry content (e.g. bond, molecule).

WorldPlay (2011) - UG Student Project

WorldPlay is to a Virtual World 3D authoring environment that allows users to create their own virtual worlds.

WorldPlay Demo Day

WorldPlay on HIT Lab AU Youtube Channel

Longford Track (2011) - Student Passionate Project

The Longford project is a driving simulator of the Longford track, created by Shannon Woolley. Shannon has invested an immense amount of his own spare time into this project. He has not only built the track itself, but has spent many hours researching the track, viewing old photographs and videos and talking to people who were involved with the track during the sixties. He has also visited Longford a number of times to take reference photos of his own and used Google Earth satellite imagery to help position roads and other landmarks accurately.

Longford Track Project information page